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Taro Chopped and Dried Leaves

Taro leaves is one of the most common commodities to be exported. This serves as the nicotine-free alternative to tobacco, and is healthier with a unique taste irreplaceable with other leaves. This can be one of the raw material for herbal cigarettes, with no negative side effect from nicotine found in tobacco.

Processed further, the taro leaves can be combined with molasses to be a flavor for shisha material, and one of the hottest products to be exported overseas

Taro dried leaves can be supplied in different sizes according to specification and have different grades (the best grade has the "gold" color) which will be affecting the taste of the leaves when smoked

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Taro Roots

Taro root is a vegetable used in a variety of cuisines around the world. It has a mild, nutty taste, starchy texture, and nutrition benefits that make it a healthier alternative to other root vegetables like potatoes. Taro root is commonly added to savory dishes or fried as a snack, but it can also add a creaminess and purple color to sweet recipes.

You can find taro root at international grocers like Latin American or Asian markets, though it’s becoming a more common staple in supermarkets that carry specialty produce.  

As one of the world’s oldest cultivated plants, taro sometimes goes by different names including arbi, dasheen, and eddoe. Different varieties can be used interchangeably and bring the same nutritional benefits to your meal. 

Premium Shisha

We provide high 100% coconut charcoal briquettes. Our coconut shell briquettes can be customized into various shape and sizes and  contain low ash and high carbon content. It has long burning time untill 2.5 hours, produce very little smoke, have white colored ash and generate zero odors.