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Herbal Cigarette: Nicotine-Free Options for Healthier Smoking

Given the increasing awareness on the health danger of nicotine, the number of smokers tends to decrease with time. While some people quit smoking at all, some others turn to herbal cigarette, which is believed to contain less, if not zero, nicotine. Instead of using tobacco as the main ingredients, herbal cigarettes replace tobacco with other ingredients, main herbs.

A number of herbal ingredients are used to replace tobacco. They include jasmine, corn silk, rose petal, and corn silk. Another option from the Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia, is emerging now, namely taro leaves. These herbs are chopped and dried before being packaged and distributed to herbal cigarette producers.

Why Taking Herbal Cigarette : Advantages

Many smokers turn to herbal alternatives because they are healthier than the regular cigarettes. What are the main benefits of herbal cigarettes actually?

Nicotine-Free Cigarette

As long as you take cigarettes, which contain tobacco, you still get the nicotine that is responsible for dopamine reaction to your brain. Smokers believe that they can get more calming smoking experience by taking nicotine-free cigarette. This way, the can minimize the risk for addition.

Less Harmful for Health

Similarly, regular cigarettes are associated with many harmful chemicals and toxins. Imagine what may happen to your body when you inhale the chemicals and toxins. Shifting to herbal cigarettes is one of the ways to avoid the dangers brought about by tobacco.

Better Smell

Some smokers really hate the nasty smell of regular cigarettes. Here is why herbs are better option. You can get calming experience while avoiding the nasty smell from being stuck to your clothes. Herbal cigarettes are formulated from herbs and flowerings, which are mostly good in smell. They are more nose-friendly. They can be added with natural scent to make the smell good while burning.

Why Taking Herbal Cigarette : Things to Anticipate

Despite all the advantages, herbal cigarette also has some disadvantages, which the smokers need to know. The main disadvantage is the price. As they are formulated from herbs and additional flavors like essential oils, herbal cigarettes are mostly more expensive than the regular cigarettes. As a result, not all people may be able to afford them.

In addition, the smokers still need to anticipate the potential risks. It is true that herbal cigarettes are free of additives and nicotine, as they are not made from tobacco. However, the herbal cigarettes are not 100% safe. Inhaling much amount of smoke (regardless of the ingredients) may lead to elevated risk of lung infections like bronchitis, pneumonia, and many others.

As you realize that the herbal cigarettes do not contain nicotine and additives, you tend to smoke more. This is why herbal cigarette may also lead to health concerns. Imagine what may happen, also, when you inhale high concentration of smoke. Moreover, every country has different regulations of the distribution of herbal smoke. Some states in the United States ban it.

In conclusion, herbal cigarettes may a safer alternative for those who want to avoid nicotine and additives. However, you need to know the risks before deciding to shift to these herbal substitutes, particularly when it comes to prices and continuous exposure to smoke.

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