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Taro Leaves as Herbal Tobacco: a Healthier and Cheaper Substitute

In the last few years, concerns about the danger of nicotine in tobacco cigarette are increasing. Many people are turning to herbal tobacco. One of the popular options is taro leaves as herbal tobacco. Taro leaves are abundant in almost all parts of the world. In Asia, typically, taro plant is widely cultivated, since it has long become an important part local cuisine in Indonesia, Thailand, and event in Japan. The plant is found to contain rich dietary fibers and vitamins, which are beneficial for health.

Taro leaves are widely consumed, but the must be processed first before consumption to avoid the risk of poisoning. The leaves are rich in vitamin C, which acts as antioxidant. They boost your immune system and keep your eyes healthy.

Reasons for Choosing Taro Leaves as Herbal Tobacco

Now, as the trend of cigarette smoking has shifted to herbal tobacco, people are looking for healthier alternatives of tobacco. Dried chopped taro leaves are among the substitutes, thanks to a number of reasons:

ü Abundant resources. Taro leaves can be found almost in all regions in Indonesia. Taro plant can be easily cultivated as it can thrive in different weathers and varied soil conditions. Given the abundant resources, manufacturers of dried chopped taro leaves are not limited by the raw material availability;

ü Nicotine-free. Tobacco naturally contains nicotine, which acts as a stimulant. Meanwhile, taking taro leaves as herbal tobacco is relatively safer as it is nicotine-free. This way, it is less likely to result in addiction;

ü Less tar content. Just like the nicotine content, taro leaves are chosen because of fewer tar contents. These make the herbal tobacco relatively safer for smokers;

ü More durable. When harvested at optimum maturity and properly processed through the drying system, dried chopped taro leaves can be good substitute of traditional tobacco. The taro leaves are cut, processed, and dried by using the right machines. These minimize the risk of nutrition loss.

ü Consistent taste. Taro leaves are harvested when they reach optimum maturity. The chopping and drying processes are done by using sophisticated technology to ensure hygiene.

Taro Leaves as Herbal Tobacco

Taro leaves as herbal tobacco are really potential substitutes. As one of the main producers of dried taro leaves, Indonesia now becomes one of taro leaf exporters. The main target markets include Australia, Mid East, Easter Europe, Western Europe, and the southeastern Asian nations in particular.

A number of manufacturers are now producing cigarettes from dried taro leaves. They can be obtained easily from offline and online stores. The dried chopped taro leaves are lightweight; therefore, the shipping costs do not really bother you. However, make sure that you get the dried chopped taro leaves from legitimate producers. Now a number of illegitimate producers sell dried taro leaves online.

Due to the increasing demand for the dried taro leaves, the market is increasingly promising. Production of herbal cigarette also takes places in many other countries. Therefore, taro leaves offer huge potentials for export. For this, the taro farmers need to make sure to only harvest optimum-mature leaves to maintain taste and quality.

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