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The Health Benefits of Taro Roots

Taro plant can be used from the leaves to the roots and this plant is mostly cultivated in Asia regions but there is no need to go to the Asia countries to enjoy and buy taro plant home since there are many suppliers that will export the plant from all parts including taro roots. The root is little bit starchy compared to other parts and it has brown-colored skin with white flesh inside and then the root is cooked properly, there will be a sweet taste and it is similar to boiled potato.

Taro Roots and Their Benefits for Body Health

Taro plant is the best source of nutrients and fiber that will promote health benefits so it is good to be consumed daily and longer. It is not only found on the taro plant itself but also taro roots. Consuming natural ingredients can be so beneficial to body health and those are the great substitutes for medicines. Instead of taking vitamins or supplements everyday, change the life style into something healthy yet tasty can help maintaining body health and those are the benefits of roots from taro plants:

  • The roots can control and maintain the blood sugar

Though taro roots are little bit starchy and most starchy food contains sugar, the roots have two kinds of carbs which are so beneficial for maintaining the blood sugar such as resistant starch and fiber. As many people know that fiber is type of carb that can’t digest and can’t be absorbed so fiber will not give any impact on the level of blood sugar. Fiber from the roots can slow down the process of digestion along with absorption from another carb.

Meanwhile, the resistant starch is kind of special starch and it can’t be digested so it will not raise the levels of blood sugar so it makes this starch the perfect source to give nutrients for body health. Those two combinations between fiber and resistant starch can make this root the perfect substitution for the rice especially for those who have diabetes.

  • The roots can reduce the risk of cancer

Similar to taro leaves, the root itself contains polyphenols which are the compounds from plant and polyphenols may bring health benefits and one of them is to reduce the risk of cancer. Polyphenol found inside the root is called quercetin and it can be found as well in other natural ingredients such as tea, apple and onion. Quercetin may slot the growth of cancer and also can kill the cancer cell if it is consumed regularly to maintain body health.

  • It can reduce the heart disease risk

As stated before, taro roots contain resistant starch and fiber that will not only maintain the blood sugar level but also reduce the heart disease risk. According to the research, the people who consume more fiber will have lower heart disease rates. In one cup roots about 132 grams, there will be more fiber to find about 6 grams at least and it is more than one cup of potatoes. Meanwhile, the resistant starch will low the cholesterol which is always connected to the heart disease.

Taro roots contains more nutrients and those can replace the regular carb people ted to have regularly such as rice, noodle or bread and there are many ways to make it delicious to consume.

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