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What is Herbal Molasses and The Difference with Regular Tobacco

Smoking is kind of human’s habit since a long time ago and up until now, it is still done by some people especially men. However, all people in the world know that smoking is bad for health and if it is done continually, some chronic diseases might come for sure. In this case, there are many people find tobacco replacement and herbal molasses can be said as one of the best tobacco-free options which are quite easy to find and there are more types of it.

Facts About Herbal Molasses as Tobacco Replacement

Nowadays, smoking hookah is growing and to catch up with the demand, there will always be new products created to improve the smoking experience and using herbal shisha or herbal molasses can expand the experience. Well, hookah molasses are not the most popular or most favorite option for some people but tobacco-free molasses shisha is another case here. The question is does it have nicotine inside just like regular tobacco leaves people used to smoke before knowing this option?

Herbal molasses or known as well as herbal hookah has differences with flavored tobacco and one of the must be the nicotine absence since it is belonged to non-tobacco hookah. In other words, the nicotine is gone or missing. The smokers will enjoy their hookah they will get from molasses and the smokers will be free from their own regular smoking habit using flavored tobacco. Being tobacco free is not that easy but there are many things people should know more deeply about it as the following:

  • Herbal molasses is actually made from many ingredients than what people find inside flavored tobacco and some herbal ingredients are flavoring juices, tea leave, sugar cane, molasses, honey and glycerin.

  • The glycerin inside it will produce smoke clouds which are similar to hookah traditionally and the flavor will give the experience for hookah as well.

  • People who choose molasses are usually those who like the taste and those who think it as the safer alternative instead of tobacco.

  • There are some well-known companies which produce tobacco-free option such as Fantasia, Al-Fakher and Hydro Herbal.

  • Molasses will produce the massive clouds during the smoking session without any concern to nicotine at all since it is nicotine-free tobacco.

  • It is known as well for the smokers as the perfect option since it can give the flavorful session of smoking without having a buzz at all.

  • If anyone wants to have the perfect and safe smoking session using herbal molasses without having any buzz, then try mixing it with regular shisha or tobacco.

There are some popular companies that produce herbal molasses and one of them is Hydro Herbal and it is probably the most well-known brand and it has been years since they were built. Hydro shisha is made of sugar cane fiber and their products also come in different flavors for example Dr. 23 which is soda drink brand and others. Though this is nicotine-free tobacco, it doesn’t mean that it is safe for health especially if people smoke regularly in a day. Health concern must be conducted so well. It is so important to know about the health fact or health suggestion regarding of this.

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